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At both Encora and Green GrubBox (a division of Encora, LLC) we are following the CDC guidelines and have taken every precaution to maintain the health and safety of our team, our customers and our environment. All of our washing and production staff is required to wear masks and gloves to maintain cleanliness on all levels of our operation. Since our products are commercially washed and sanitized in the local eco-system we experience far less touch points than single use products which are manufactured all over the world before ultimately housing your food. You can feel at ease with Encora/GGB as we have made the health and safety of our solution our top priority and will continue to provide the most sustainable way to enjoy takeout food and beverages.


Green GrubBoxAbout Us

About Us

How, When & Why We Started Green GrubBox

Green GrubBox was formed in January 2018 by Founder and CEO Ted Wallis who arrived at the idea while researching his thesis project in graduate school at Seattle University. “I’d sit down in the food court of the Columbia Tower nearly every day watching countless people struggle with figuring out how to compost or recycle their lunch waste. Many ended up putting items in the wrong spot, or just giving up entirely and trashing everything. I thought to myself ‘there has got to be another option’ so I started looking into what a reusable durable container program might look like in Seattle.” He discovered that reusable options were already being offered in San Francisco and Portland in addition to 400 university campuses nationwide.

Digging deeper, he learned from officials at Seattle Public Utilities, King County Public Health, the Seattle City Council and individuals from several area environmental organizations that a reusable container program had been discussed but not pursued. That was all Ted needed to begin building the entrepreneurial framework of the GGB concept. Armed with a passion for sustainability, GGB set it’s sights on shifting the paradigm of how takeout food is consumed and handled in Seattle. As a lifelong environmental and animal rights advocate, GGB’s commitment to sustainability and waste reduction aligns directly with Ted’s desire to protect our planet for future generations, including creating a greener world for his son and daughter.

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Green GrubBox membership provides you with the most sustainable way to enjoy takeout food. You’ll have peace of mind while enjoying good eats knowing you can dine out 1,000 times without contributing to the waste stream! And even then, the containers you used will be recycled and not buried in a landfill in Oregon.

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Just $19 a year (or $2.99 a month).Corporate Membership Discounts Available.

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