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At both Encora and Green GrubBox (a division of Encora, LLC) we are following the CDC guidelines and have taken every precaution to maintain the health and safety of our team, our customers and our environment. All of our washing and production staff is required to wear masks and gloves to maintain cleanliness on all levels of our operation. Since our products are commercially washed and sanitized in the local eco-system we experience far less touch points than single use products which are manufactured all over the world before ultimately housing your food. You can feel at ease with Encora/GGB as we have made the health and safety of our solution our top priority and will continue to provide the most sustainable way to enjoy takeout food and beverages.


Eat out and feel great about itIndividual


Join the Green GrubBox movement and say “I’ll pass” to single use containers that harm the planet.


Three Easy Steps to Becoming a Member and Getting Your Grub On.


DOWNLOAD THE APP and create your GGB membership today.


Use the app to find a participating GGB restaurant and let them know you’d like your food and/or drink served in a GGB container. During checkout, scan the QR code on the top of the GrubBox or side of the cup.


Use the app to locate a convenient return station. Drop-off your containers and GGB will retrieve, check-in, commercially wash them, and deliver them to restaurants for continued use.

Join The Movement

Green GrubBox membership provides you with the most sustainable way to enjoy takeout food. You’ll have peace of mind while enjoying good eats knowing you can dine out 1,000 times without contributing to the waste stream.

Cost Of Individual Membership

$19 a year (or $2.99 a month) Corporate Membership Discounts Available.

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